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Jan 12/13 2019

A 2 day mind blowing extravaganza of learning, play and community held at On The Mic Training. Classes by 2 of the most talented and giving coaches and performers in the Voiceover industry. Tasia Valenza and Brent Allen Hagel. No genre was left untried-Narration, Animation, promo, Trailer, Commercial- everything was covered. The advice and information regarding agents, home studio do's/don'ts was given generously. The whole weekend was arranged and set up by a talented, selfless voice and on camera actor James Jenkins of What's Your Story Vancouver. Everyone who took part represented all levels of training and have all said they can't wait for it to happen again.


Nov 17 2018

I landed in L A to attend the 5th Annual voiceover event of the year at the Universal Sheraton. Each year the event is held on one coast or the other and this year it was sunny California. Starting off with a presentation on Anime, then into what casting Directors are looking for with the powerhouse Sound & Fury casting, Disney and J B Blanc. Then it was Audiobooks before Nancy Cartwright blew everyone away with her wisdom humor and generosity of st. After that it was coaches corner and Million Dollar Voices where we were enthralled with the straight talking nuggets from Tasia Valenza, Gwendolyn Yeo, Kimberly Brooks and others. Add in Branding, Ask the Pig with Bob Bergen and the amazing Phil Lamarr. Of course you can't talk about the event without mentioning one of my favourites- Speed Dating with Your Demo. Here you get to sit down with 30 of the top agents, directors and producers in the VO world and have them critique your demos. After all of that you needed to unwind with the meet and greet after party. Next year 2019 get ready to do it again only in Gotham City, NYC. See you there.


Jan -May 2019

2019 starts off with a blast by flying to Vancouver for the amazing 2 day Intensive with Tasia Valenza, Brent Allen Hagel and a room full of amazing creatives. Then Jan 26/27 Audiobook Narration Workshop in studio with Braden Wright. Some of the other amazing events for all VOers to check out are : Atlanta VO weekend Mar 28th-31st, which will be amazing. The bound to be life changeing/can't wait/how many more sleeps for yours truly is going to be Apr 26,28,29th in London, at the Get Your Game On video game voiceover Intensive weekend. Andre Toyias, Mark Estdale, Victoria Atkin and Stephane Cornicard just to name a few.  On to May 28th don't miss Johnny Heller's Splendiferous Audiobook Workshop in NYC. Apart from all of this I'll be attending a workshop with the amazing Anthony Meindl of AMAW Studios being held in Toronto Jan 18th. His attitude and coaching techniques for acting are invaluable for a voice actor.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

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